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Title: Cooperativas agrícolas e desenvolvimento comunitário no distrito de Boane: o caso das cooperativas 25 de Setembro e agro-pecuária de Campoane
Authors: Kulipossa, Fidelx Pius
Alegre, Telma Vanessa Nunes G.
Keywords: Cooperativas agrícolas
Desenvolvimento comunitário
Cooperativa 25 de Setembro
Cooperativa Agro-Pecuária de Campoane
Issue Date: 20-Oct-2012
Publisher: Universidade Eduardo Mondlane
Abstract: The present study analyzes the role of agricultural cooperatives in community development in the district of Boane, taking the Cooperatives 25 de Setembro and Agro-Pecuária de Campoane as case studies. To achieve this goal, the study raised a key question and three working hypotheses that were operationalized in Chapter 3. Based on the variables and indicators identified, empirical data were collected from the two agricultural cooperatives and then analyzed in three empirical chapters. Based on the critical analysis of the empirical data, it is concluded that agricultural cooperatives play an important role in community development in the district of Boane. Indeed, they contribute to community development through service provision, institutional training, promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), participation in groups and social networks, dissemination and sharing of information, promotion of solidarity and trust between development actor’s community participation, community mobilization, and community participation, despite the various constraints and challenges that agricultural cooperatives face. The constraints and challenges that agricultural cooperatives face were the main starting points for the recommendations advanced in Chapter 7. (TRADUÇÃO NOSSA)
Description: Dissertação de Mestrado em Desenvolvimento Agrário
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