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Title: Teaching experience and expectations of early-career academics in Mozambique: the case of Universidade Eduardo Mondlane
Authors: Cossa, Eugénia Flora Rosa
Buque, Domingos
Fringe, Jorge Jaime dos Santos
Keywords: Early-career academics
Universidade Eduardo Mondlane
Communities of practice
Issue Date: 14-Sep-2016
Publisher: Taylor e Francis Group
Citation: Cossa, Eugénia F. R.; Buque, Domingos C.; Fringe, Jorge J. dos S. (2016). Teaching experience and expectations of early-career academics in Mozambique: the case of Universidade Eduardo Mondlane Studies in Higher Education, 41 (10), 1772-1785
Abstract: This mixed-methods study explored how early-career academics (ECA) at the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (UEM) acquire pedagogical knowledge, develop their teaching experience as well as examine their expectations regarding the teaching profession. A questionnaire, composed mostly of closed questions and one open-ended question, was applied to 71 ECAs. These questionnaire data were complemented by focus group discussion data from lecturers in management position, including academic deputy deans and heads of department. Results show that 69% of the respondents attended an induction course when they were hired. Thirty-three per cent of them did not have any guidance before their first lecture, while others had guidance from course director (28%), head of department (14%), or colleagues (22%). Twenty-seven per cent mentioned to have their former university lecturer as a model, while 23% mentioned training as forming their practice. Fifty-two per cent mentioned having adopted, in their first lecture, the approach used by their university lecturer, while 20% followed the approach defined by the university. Focus group discussion points to the need to provide ECAs with time for adaptation and continuous guidance from more experienced peers. Furthermore, as an institution with very large ECAs, 63%, the study concludes the need for the provision of training both for advanced studies as well as professional training in teaching practice
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