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Title: Desafios na gestão de mercados municipais na cidade de Maputo: o caso do mercado grossista de Zimpeto (2007 - 2017)
Authors: Lopes, Maria Antónia
Langa, Ascídia Maimuna David
Keywords: Mercados
Vendedores informais
Gestão estratégica
Gestão Pública
Mercado Grossista do Zimpeto
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Universidade Eduardo Mondlane
Abstract: The study focuses on the challenges faced by managers of Municipal Markets in Maputo City regarding the attraction and keeping informal vendors in building designed for sale, so that they practice their activities in an appropriate place, obeying the municipal posture. Relying on theories of human motivation and leadership, in addition to the systemic approach to the organization and marketing philosophy, it seeks to explore the case of the Zimpeto Wholesale Market (MGZ) and its annex, managed by the Municipal Directorate of Markets and Fairs (DMMF) of the Municipal Council of Maputo City. For the accomplishment of this study, a qualitative research was carried out, in its essence descriptive, through a participant observation and application of semi-structured interviews using an interview guide conceived by the researcher, applied to the managers of the MGZ, DMMF, as well as informal vendors around the market. The study covers facts that took place in a time horizon between 2007 and 2017, cronologicaly delimited by the inauguration of the MGZ, in 2007, the publication of the Posture on Markets and Fairs of Maputo City, in 2008, and the Quinquennial Program of the Municipality Council of Maputo (2014), which deals with the strategic objectives of the DMMF. Based on the data obtained, the research concluded that the strategic management of municipal markets is a relevant factor in the attractiveness and retention of informal vendors in those places. Informal vendors are unmotivated by the management scenario in these spaces, and it is essential that the leadership responsible for management adopts a welcoming and participatory posture, so that together, the parties can devise solutions with a view to improving the management of municipal markets and, consequently, minimize the phenomenon of selling in inappropriate places. Aware that the research does not empty the discussion of the problem in question, it is recommended the continuity involving various markets in other regions of the country, in order to have a more comprehensive understanding of the topic under analysis, enabling comparisons with the other standards of action in the region and in the world.
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