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Title: The use of pesticides in tomato production: exposition of Chókwè farmers - Mozambique
Authors: Melo, Antonio da Piedade
Zandamela, Marcio Daniel Sitoe
Melo, Celia das Eiras Ludovina Dgedge
Candido, Nelio Mariano
Keywords: Environment Contamination
Safety at Work
S. lycopersicum
Issue Date: 1-Nov-2019
Publisher: International Journal of Research in Agricultural Sciences
Abstract: Tomato is used for consumption and as a source of income for many Mozambican people. The present study aims to evaluate the level of intensity of the exposure of tomato growers of Chokwe to pesticides. For this purpose, 40 production units were selected, whose owners or their representatives and representatives of associations were interviewed. The levels of intensity of occupational exposure of farmers to the pesticides were calculated. It was found that tomato growers at Chokwe Irrigation system are subject to a high level of exposure to pesticides, which may pose a threat to health and lead to loss of life. Therefore, they are not sufficiently trained for efficient and safe handling of pesticides, apart from not having a full KIT of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Their perception of pesticides is limited and strongly related to the availability of training by government and non-government extension agents. So, there is a need to make accessible the use of PPE by tomato growers and to train them in viable pesticide application technologies.
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