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Title: Pesquisa de bactérias do género Vibrio spp patogénicas em tilápia Oreochromis mossambicus (Peters, 1852) cultivada em hapas montadas no tanque escavado de água salobra no distrito de Inhassunge - Província da Zambézia
Authors: Muadica, Aly Salimo Omar
Dias, Valera Lucena
Uqueio, Mauro Grabriel
Keywords: Piscicultura
Tilapia ¨Oreochromis mossambicus¨
Saude humana
Issue Date: 20-Mar-2018
Publisher: UEM-ESCMC
Citation: Uqueio, 2018
Abstract: Fish farming has grown in Mozambique. This activity contributes to food security, economic growth, job creation and reduced pressure on species in the natural environment. Vibrio infections are limiting factors for sustainable fish farming because they create a setback in the production and marketing of aquaculture products worldwide is a risk to human health and constitute a significant problem for the economic development of the sector due to high mortality rates and loss of meat quality. The objective of this work is to investigate bacteria of the genus Vibrio spp pathogenic in tilapia Oreochromis mossambicus cultured in brackish water tanks in the Inhassunge District. A total of 65 fish weighing 50-120 grams were analyzed between April and June of 2016, with the aid of a shovel. The samples were transported in sterile pouches and in isothermal boxes to the fish inspection laboratory. Biometry was performed and 20 grams of muscle were taken including the fish brain for microbiological analysis. The vibrios were isolated on TCBS agar and confirmed through API 20E and the prevalence was determined. The prevalence of Vibrio spp in the fish sampled was 38.5%. Vibrio species isolated were V. vulnificus (15.4%), V. alginolyticus (12.3%), V. fluvialis (7.7%) and V. mimicus (3.1%). These bacteria can cause disease in fish during cultivation, lead to high mortality rates, especially when the fish were under stress conditions. Species of the genus Vibrio isolated in fish represent a certain risk to human health.
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