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Title: A relação entre a qualidade do serviço e o comportamento de compra: o caso da cantina da Faculdade de Economia
Authors: Lopes, Maria Antónia
Cadir, Gulshan Ará
Keywords: Estratégias de venda
Cantina da Faculdade de Economia
Qualidade do serviço
Comportamento de compra
Issue Date: 25-Jul-2018
Publisher: Universidade Eduardo Mondlane
Abstract: The products and sales strategies used by today's companies are a direct translation of the changes that have taken place in the tastes, preferences and buying behavior of consumers, and these are the key element that dictate the new rules of the companies, surviving only those that achieve accompany these behavioral changes with the same level of quality and expected performance. In this sense, the present work aims to study the extent to which the quality of service provided by the canteen of the Faculty of Economics influences the buying behavior of students on Campusof EMU.The research strategy was based on a case study about the canteen of the Faculty of Economics and the data for the materialization of the work were collected in books, scientific articles, interview to the managers of the canteen and a questionnaire elaborated and directed to a target group of randomly chosen students, seeking their behaviors, experiences and expectations linked to the products and services offered by the canteen. As a general conclusion, it was found that there is no direct relationship between the service provided by the Faculty of Economics canteen and students' purchasing behavior, since they attend the canteen not because of the superior quality of the service offered as a whole, but because satisfaction of their basic needs through factors such as the diversity, quality and reliability of products sold, as well as easy access to it and the possibility of meeting and gathering of friends in a single space. Thus denying the hypothesis placed in the introduction of the research, where the perceived superior quality of the service provided by the School of Economics was the reason forthe favorable purchasing behavior of the students of the EMU Campus.
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