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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-12-18A patch model for managed tropical lowland rain forests in Costa RicaFinegan, Bryan; Sitoe, Almeida Alberto
2001-02-12Butterfly assemblages of forest, grassland and disturbed ecotones near Goba, southern MozambiquePicker, Mike; Milton, Sue J.; Chongo, Daniel
2001-03-05Aspects of phonology and morphology of shimakondeOdden, David; Liphola, Marcelino Marta
2001-09-01The Mozambican students understanding of the concept limit of a function: a case studySoroule, Stephen; Mutemba, Balbina Jael da Conceição
2001-11-10Pearl millet malting: factors affecting product qualityTaylor, John R. N.; Pelembe, Louis Augusto Mutomene
2002Presentacion de dos casos de rinosporidiosis nasalDadá, Mahomed Sidique Abdul Cadar; Ismael, Mamudo; Neves, Maria Vitoria; Neves, José Branco
2002-01-05An investigation into the political economy of industrial policy: the case of MozambiqueFine, Ben; Cramer, Chris; Castel- Branco, Carlos Nuno
2002-01-12I am squeezed: a case study of rural livelihood in Morrumbala district, MozambiqueHabinck, Paul; Boom, Andre; Artur, Luís
2002-09-13Effect of classroom interaction and gender on mathematics performance and attitudes toward mathematics of secondary pupils in MozambiqueFridjhon, Peter; Cassy, Bhangy
2002-11-23Vers une approche sémantique et culturelle des idiomes: décodage du sens expressions idiomatiques du tsonga motivées par les croyances et les moeursLemaire, Ria; Ameka, Félix; Lopes, Armando Jorge; Duchet, Jean-Louis; Nhaombe, Henrique Ernesto
2002-12Tuberculose laríngea. A propósito de um casoDadá, Mahomed Sidique Abdul Cadar; Neves, Maria Vitoria; Costa, J. Leopoldo da; Neves, José Branco
2003-02-13Forage selection of African buffalo through the late dry season in the Satara region of the Kruger National ParkOwen-Smith, Norman; Macandza, Valério António
2003-02-16Fertility and its proximate determinats in Mozambique: an analysis of levels, trends, differentials and regional variationLucas, David; Booth, Heather; Caldwell, Jonh C.; Arnaldo, Carlos
2003-10Análise do desempenho financeiro das instituições de microfinanças no mercado de credito: o estudo da CCP e TCHUMAMlay, Gilead; Bila, Leia Alexandre
2003-10Analise dos custos de transacção na comercialização do milho pelo sector familiarMlay, Gilead; Cossa, Isabel Paulo
2003-10-13Microwave treatment of mirerals and OresMiles, Nicolas; Kingman, Samuel; Cumbane, António José
2003-11-01Avaliação dum sistema de monitorização de vibrio cholerae ambiental potencialmente epidémico em Maputo - MoçambiqueColombo, Mauro; Sidat, Moshin; Lazaro, Maria Nivalda
2003-11-21Morphological and physiological responses of cowpea (Vigna Unguiculata (l) Walp.) cultivars to induced water stress and phosphorus nutritionG.A., Agenbag; Chiulele, Rogério Marcos
2004-03-12The impact of the Congolese forced migrants’ ‘permanent transit’ condition on their relations with Mozambique and its peopleMalauene, Maria Malauene; Landau, Loren
2004-04-20Growth, development and nutritional value of amaranthus tricolor L. as affected by salinity and harvesting procedureCombrink, N. J. J.; Ribeiro, Jerónimo Ernesto M. Machado