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Title: Relação entre a educação de adultos e a saúde pública em Moçambique na perspectiva do pessoal de saúde do centro de saúde do hospital geral José Macamo e de alfabetizandos e educandos do centro de alfabetização e educação de adultos da Escola Primária Completa Unidade 24
Authors: Buque, Domingos
Afonso, Pedro
Keywords: Saúde pública
Educação de adultos
Issue Date: Dec-2021
Publisher: Universidade Eduardo Mondlane
Abstract: This research deals with the Relationship between Adult Education and Public Health in Mozambique from the perspective of José Macamo General Hospital Health Center (CSHGJM) health staff and learners from the Adult Education Center of Unidade 24 Primary School (CAEAEPCU24). Its general objective is to understand the relationship between Adult Education and Public Health in Mozambique. As a study that employed a mixed approach, that is, quantitative and qualitative methods, questionnaires and interviews were used to collect data from health personnel and the learners, in a total of 68 participants. Beside these data collection techniques, document analysis and bibliographic research were also used to collect data. The data obtained through the questionnaires were treated statistically through descriptive frequency calculations, in the SPSS software, for the numerical data of the questionnaire, and qualitatively through the description and analysis of the answers given by health professionals, and the learners. Data collected through the interview were analyzed based on its content. The analysis of data obtained from both questionnaires and interviews consisted of triangulation of information from these data collection techniques. The results of the interview and the questionnaire illustrate that there is a relationship between education and health, since education provides the knowledge needed by people in order to take prudent and desirable actions and attitudes towards health, so that they can be able to interpret and follow medical recommendations and, therefore, to improve their personal and community health, which translates into a positive impact of education on public health.
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