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Title: Avaliação do desempenho do docente na Universidade Eduardo Mondlane - contribuição para a garantia da qualidade
Authors: Dias, Maria da Conceição Loureiro
Parbato, Danilo Hijaze
Keywords: Gestão e garantia da qualidade
Avaliação de desempenho do docente
Ensino superior
Issue Date: Feb-2014
Publisher: Universidade Eduardo Mondlane
Abstract: Quality in higher education is perceived in different factors of the training process and, according to Westerheijden (2008), for there to be quality assurance, accountability and continuous quality improvement is necessary. With an interest in quality assurance, this study analyzes the process of implementing the Teacher Performance Appraisal System (SADE) at Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM) and aims to capture some perceptions about its functioning, its relationship with quality assurance and its alignment with the self-assessment of the quality of the teaching staff at UEM. A case study was used, in a descriptive approach, with a qualitative method and quantitative support to capture the perceptions in five faculties. From the literature review, document analysis and perceptions captured as a result of a questionnaire applied to teachers, interviews with SADE managers, faculty directors and students, it is identified that SADE's relationship with the quality assurance of teaching occurs only in terms of content (objectives, results and expected uses). It was concluded that although the opinion on the relevance of SADE is favorable, the degree of satisfaction in relation to aspects of system management is quite low, with evidence that there is no use in its results for greater motivation and impact on quality teachers' work. To correct this scenario, recommendations are made to improve the management of the teacher performance appraisal process and align it with the quality self-evaluation process, in the teacher dimension, in the light of the Academic Quality Assurance System at Eduardo Mondlane University (SIQUAL) and the National Higher Education Evaluation, Accreditation and Quality Assurance System (SINAQES) of Mozambique.
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