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Title: Ecological characterization of an ex situ conservation plantation in south-eastern Mozambique
Authors: Ribeiro, Natasha S.
Jetimane, Julieta L.
Militao, Elias
Maquia, Ivete
Chirizane, Cacilda
Sousa de, Camila
Alves, Tereza
Veloso, Maria M.
Goulao, Luis F.
Ribeiro-Barros, Ana I.
Keywords: Afzelia quanzensis
ISSR markers
Issue Date: 26-May-2016
Publisher: Wiley
Citation: Ribeiro, NS; Jetimane, JL; Militao, E; Maquia, I; Chirizane, C; De Sousa, C; et al. Ecological characterization of an ex situ conservation plantation in south-eastern Mozambique. African Journal of Ecology 2016; 55(1):70-79.
Abstract: Mozambican forests are exposed to risks that contribute to the loss of biodiversity and associated ecosystem services. Thus, ex situ conservation represents a key strategy to reduce genetic erosion. In this study, we evaluated the ecological status of the ex situ conservation plantation in Michafutene, Maputo province, one of the most important repositories of forest genetic resources in the country. Thirty plots were established in which all trees, shrubs and grass species were identified. A total of 2092 individuals spanning 39 species were scored. Afzelia quanzensis was the most important species (Importance Value Index – IVI = 203), but with a low silvicultural performance. Other important trees were Albizia adianthifolia (IVI = 32), Albizia versicolor (IVI = 16) and Pterocarpus angolensis (IVI = 12). A complementary genotyping analysis of A. quanzensis was conducted by intersimple sequence repeats, indicating that the germplasm collection has different provenances and represents a wide genetic pool. Thus, despite the poor management, there is a considerable potential for the conservation of A. quanzensis provided immediate and appropriate management activities are implemented to improve its ecological performance.
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