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Title: Quality management in higher education in Mozambique
Authors: Baker, Colin
Dias, Maria da Conceição Loureiro
Keywords: Educação
Gestão de qualidade
Instituições de Ensino Superior
Issue Date: 4-Sep-1998
Publisher: University of Wale
Abstract: This thesis concerns ideas and practices quality assurance systems, quality enhancement and performance indicators in higher education. The quality of higher education is important in a country's economic and social development and its enhancement is a major objective of any higher education system. There has been an increasing demand for institutions of higher education to be accountable and make their activities more transparent to their consumers and to society as a whole. Therefore, institutions have become more explicit about their aims and the methods used to achieve such aims. Also, the monitoring of inputs, processes and outcomes of a University has now become widely accepted. The context for the study of quality management in higher education is the Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM) in Mozambique. This thesis aims to analyze the quality assurance procedures currently in existence at Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM), to examine recent and ongoing efforts to build capacity, to consider a range of options for increased efficiency and effectiveness, and to make recommendations for quality management at UEM. Examples of British Universities already engaged in quality assurance initiatives are analyzed and their relevance to UEM is discussed. This thesis comprises nine chapters. The first chapter contextualizes the thesis by considering the historical background to Mozambique. Chapters two and three discuss styles and strategies of managing quality, and ways of monitoring the performance of educational institutions. Chapter four examines arrangements in selected U.K. Universities for quality assurance. Chapters five to eight outline the methodology used to collect the research evidence and discuss the main results from the survey research conducted at UEM. Four main aspects of quality assurance at UEM form the focus of the research: the quality assurance of admission procedures, the quality assurance of teaching and learning, the quality assurance of student development and support, and a framework for quality enhancement. The concluding chapter presents a summary of the main findings as well as recommendations for quality enhancement at UEM. A list of performance indicators is provided along with suggestions for further research on quality assurance at UEM
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