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Title: Caso inusual de ingesta voluntaria de cuerpo extraño en paciente com comportamiento parasuicida
Other Titles: Unusual case of intentional ingestion of foreign body in patient with parasuicidal behavior
Authors: Dadá, Mahomed Sidique Abdul Cadar
Rodríguez-Baeza, Alfonso
Keywords: Cuerpos extraños
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Universidad de Salamanca
Abstract: In developing countries the problem of foreign bodies in Otorhinolaryngology Services is poorly studied. Intake of a foreign body is relatively common in children, but it can occur in adults with mental disorders or in inmates. Description: A patient with psychiatric problems who ingested a metallic object. In the psychiatric evaluation, an anxiety crisis was diagnosed after a family conflict. Extraction with esophagoscopy without complications was performed. Discussion: Voluntary (intentional) intake of an object commonly occurs in pa- tients with psychiatric disorders, especially schizophrenia, mental retardation, or in the inmate population. However, the intake of a large foreign body is linked to a parasuicidal behavior. Conclusions: The presence of a foreign body should always be suspected in patients with psychiatric disorders with odynophagia in the absence of pharyngotonsillitis infection.
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