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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996-11-29Assembling of a low energy ion bean analysis facility and use of Nuclear Microprobe technique in geological studiesMalmquist, Klas; Utui, Rogério
1996-12-01Alpha-amylase and soluble sugars in two zones of sweetpotato rootsMelure, Gloria; Carrilho, Lara Da Silva
1997-01-20Lexical phonology and morphology of the Ciyao verb stemHyman, Larry M.; Inkelas, Sharon; Mchombo, Sam; Timberlake, Alan; Ngunga, Armindo Saúl Atelela
1997-08-29Grazing and cutting management of alamo switchgrass in AlabamaBransby, David I.; Goodmam, Mary S. Miller; Ball, Donald M.; West, Mark S.; Rankins Jr., Darrell L.; Piutchestt, Jonh F.; Maposse, Inácio Calvino
1998-02-12O sistema das aldeias comunais em Moçambique: transformações na organização do espaço residencial e produtivoSem Nome; Araújo, Manuel G. Mendes De
1998-02-15Growth response of eucalyptus clones to different soils in a nursery environmentWyk, Gerrit van; Issufo, Alima A. K.
1998-06-20The dynamics of the inflation process in Mozambique: 1990/ 1996Sem Nome; Dade, Saide
1998-09-04Quality management in higher education in MozambiqueBaker, Colin; Dias, Maria da Conceição Loureiro
1998-10Resistência do acesso LA 1777 de Lycopersicon hirsutum f. rypicum a Tuta absoluta (Meyrick) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)Picanço, Marcelo Coutinho; Ecole, Carvalho Carlos
1998-12-10Economy, society and labour migration in central Mozambique, 1930-.1965: a case study of Manica provinceNeves, Joel Maurício Das
1999Apresentação de um caso de ingestão de arame farpado no esófagoDadá, Mahomed Sidique Abdul Cadar; Dadá, Abdul Habib Mahomed; Costa, J. Leopoldo da; Huang, H.; Neves, Maria Vitoria; Neves, José Branco
1999-05-13New methodological approaches to the study of the acheulean from Southern MozambiqueHarris, J.W.K.; Menezes, Maria Paula Guttierrez
1999-12-10Hydrogeophysics of tropical Africa: recent advances and perspectivesSem Nome; Muiuane, Elónio
2000Corpos estranhos na orofaringe, hipofaringe e no esófagoDadá, Mahomed Sidique Abdul Cadar; Costa, J. Leopoldo da; Huang, H.; Neves, Maria Vitoria; Neves, José Branco
2000-01-02An economic analysis of smallholder cashew development opportunities and linkages to food security in Mozambique’s northern province of NampulaMole, Paulo Nicua
2000-01-15Functioning of peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) under nutrient deficiency and drought stress in relation to symbiotic associationsKuiper, P.J.C; Quilambo, Orlando António
2000-02-16Fertility variation and its effects on gene diversity in forest tree populationsSem Nome; Bila, Adolfo Dinis
2000-05-12Mineralogy and geochemistry of bauxite and bentonite deposits from MozambiqueSem Nome; Muchangos, Amadeu Carlos Dos
2000-09-04Tides, circulation and water masses in Maputo BaySem Nome; Saide, Victor Fernando Martins
2000-12-02The ecology of papilio demodocus esper (Lepidoptera: papilionidae) on citrus tree plantations in Southern MozambiqueParry, W.H.; Bandeira, Romana Rombe