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2014-09Intermittent preventive treatment of Malaria in pregnancy with Mefloquine in HIV-Negative women: a multicentre randomized controlled trialGonzález, Raquel; Mombo-Ngoma, Ghyslain; Ouédraogo, Smaı̈la; Kakolwa, Mwaka A.; Abdulla, Salim; Accrombessi, Manfred; Aponte, John J.; Akerey-Diop, Daisy; Basra, Arti; Briand, Valérie; Capan, Meskure; Cot, Michel; Kabanywanyi, Abdunoor M.; Kleine, Christian; Kremsner, Peter G.; Macete, Eusébio; Mackanga, Jean-Rodolphe; Massougbodji, Achille; Mayor, Alfredo; Nhacolo, Arsenio; Pahlava, Golbahar; Ramharter, Michael; Rupérez, María; Sevene, Esperança; Valá, Anifa; Zoleko-Manego, Rella; Menéndez, Clara
2016-02-23Mortality, morbidity, and developmental outcomes in infants born to women who received either mefloquine or sulfadoxine- pyrimethamine as intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in pregnancy: a cohort studyRupérez, María; González, Raquel; Mombo-Ngoma, Ghyslain; Kabanywanyi, Abdunoor M.; Sevene, Esperança; Ouédraogo, Smaı̈lao Aberto; Kakolwa, Mwaka A.; Valá, Anifa; Accrombessi, Manfred; Briand, Valérie; Aponte, John J.; Zoleko, Rella Manego; Adegnika, Ayôla A.; Cot, Michel; Kremsner, Peter G.; Massougbodji, Achille; Abdulla, Salim; Ramharter, Michael; Macete, Eusébio; Menéndez, Clara
2016-04-14Young adolescent girls are at high risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa: an observational multicountry studyMombo-Ngoma, Ghyslain; Mackanga, Jean-Rodolphe; González, Raquel; Ouédraogo, Smaı̈la; Kakolwa, Mwaka A.; Manego, Rella Zoleko; Basra, Arti; Rupérez, María; Cot, Michel; Kabanywanyi, Abdunoor M.; Matsiegui, Pierre-Blaise; Agnandji, Seldiji T.; Valá, Anifa; Massougbodji, Achille; Abdulla, Salim; Adegnika, Ayôla A.; Sevene, Esperança; Macete, Eusébio; Yazdanbakhsh, Maria; Kremsner, Peter G.; Aponte, John J.; Menéndez, Clara; Ramharter, Michael