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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-03-03A mecânica do transporte de sedimentos em suspensão no estuário do Rio Macuse, Moçambique, Sudeste de AfricaMiguel, Lucas Lavo António Jimo; Nehama, Fialho P.J.; Castro, Joao Wagner Alencar
2016Modelling the tides and their impacts on the vertical stratification over the Sofala Bank, MozambiqueChevane, Clousa Maueua; Penven, Pierrick; Nehama, Fialho P.J.; Reason, Chris J.C.
2015Modelling the Zambezi River plumeNehama, Fialho P.J.; Reason, Fialho P.J.
2014Morphology of the Zambezi River Plume on the Sofala Bank, MozambiqueNehama, Fialho P.J.; Reason, Chris J.C.
2022-08Satellite assessment of coastal plume variability and its relation to environmental variables in the Sofala BankMachaieie, Helder Arlindo; Nehama, Fialho P.J.; Silva, Cleverson Guizan; Oliveira, Eduardo Negri de
2017-07-26Tidal impact on suspended sediments in the Macuse estuary in MozambiqueMiguel, Lucas Lavo António Jimo; Castro, João Wagner Alencar; Nehama, Fialho P.J.
2022-10-29Validating sea-level altimetry data against tide gauge for coastal risk analysis in MozambiqueNehama, Fialho P.J.; Veriua, Zeinul Dufa Hassane; Maueua, Clousa; Hibbert, Angela; Calafat, Francisco; Cotton, Peter David
2015Water mass characteristics in a shallow bank highly influenced by river discharges: the Sofala Bank in MozambiqueNehama, Fialho P.J.; Lemos, Muhamad Ali; Machaieie, Hélder Arlindo
2021-06-15The wind-driven response of the Zambezi River plume along the Sofala Bank: A numerical model studyReason, Chris J.C.; Nehama, Fialho P.J.